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Welcome to KelliPAC.us! 

We truly appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to find out who we are and what we are all about.   We are a registered Political Action Committee with the Federal Election Commission and are committed to supporting Dr. Kelli Ward’s  run for the U.S. Senate seat that is currently held by Sen. Jeff Flake.  KelliPAC will make every effort to ensure that her message is heard by every single resident of Arizona.  We intend to use the funds collected to advance Dr. Ward’s conservative message across the United States.

We are in the process of building a ground force that will ultimately reach every corner of this great state and would be honored if you would consider joining us in our efforts either by donating your time or contributing financially to KelliPAC.  Our goal is to provide the fine people of Arizona with an opportunity to get to know Kelli, see the values that she holds, the Constitutional principles that she stands for and hear  her ideas on how she would set our country back on its feet. 

Kelli is a different kind of legislator and when you have the opportunity to meet her you will immediately see why.  First of all she’s no politician; she’s a Statesman.  She is truly passionate about restoring this republic with the ideals that it was founded upon rather than continuing to burn it to the ground with the ones that we separated ourselves from almost 240 years ago. 

Kelli is a free-market, low tax, limited government legislator who is committed to introducing Constitutional solutions to today’s problems and repealing those that aren’t.  She believes that if a legislation  cannot be supported with an article and a section of the U.S. Constitution then it has no business being brought to the floor of either House…Period.

Kelli knows where the Federal Government should end and the private sector should begin.  The many bills  that she introduced as a two term AZ State Senator prove that she is a champion of small business and a voice for the rights of the individual.  She has shown that she has a better vision for educating our youth than the substandard, one size fits all  Federal standards that are being mandated to the states across this great nation; standards that will cost us billions of dollars and hasten America’s decline in international standings.

Our goal  is to give Arizona a Senator who will TRULY represent the desires of the people  who want to  build a secure boarder fence rather than just talk about it.  A Senator who will not vote for  “rewarding” those who have broken our clear and Constitutional immigration laws but would rather find dignified and honorable methods  at dealing with the problem. 

It’s time that Arizona sends a Senator to Washington DC who truly understands the mission of a U.S. Senator which is to represent our state legislature at the Federal level; rather than act as an ambassador of the Federal Government to our state.

Its time for someone to help us restore the sovereignty and pride of  this fine state and that someone is Dr. Kelli Ward.  Won’t you please donate and/or sign up below and join us in this fight  to restore our freedoms? 


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17 thoughts on “Welcome To KelliPAC

    1. Well Thank you Lori! We’re really excited about KelliPAC. We hope that Kelli will decide to run and we’ll be behind her all the way. If she does run, she’ll be one tough candidate for sure.

  1. You have my full support and would love to help in any way that I can.
    If Doug McKee thinks you are the best, that’s enough for me.

    My best wishes,

    Laurel Henson Mason

  2. Kelli seems to have our backs, but those so called “republicans” in office nationally are doing all they can to pass amnesty , once that happens there is no longer a reason to vote for a republican, it will be too late to matter.

    I like Kellis gumption, but once amnesty(any mass legalization) is a done deal I will vote against every republican just as I vote against every democrat.

    1. I truly understand your frustration Gary but we have to be careful. I am afraid that that is exactly what the Progressive Socialist left is trying to do…divide and conquer.

      Personally I think the better approach would be to do our research on each candidate, weed out the ones who don’t support our Constitutional principles, and put our time and energy into getting the ones who do elected.

      That’s what we are trying to do here. Another Conservative physician on the floor of the US Senate will do the repeal of Obamacare a ton of good. Someone new, fresh, strong and a true Constitutionalist standing for America is what Kelli is…

      With 99 others just like her on the floor of the Upper House, this Republic will fire on all 8 cylinders and be able re-claim her rightful standing in the world.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and sharing your thoughts Gary. We’d love for you to pass our project here around to all your friends and family.

      1. Doug,
        If by the “Progressive Socialist left” you mean the republican hierarchy and the rnc. in Arizona and nationally, you would be correct.

        Very little difference in the two entities of democrats and republican political machines and their hunger for cheap labor and lobbyist payola.

        And I will state again, and all patriotic Americans who choose our citizens first should agree and let the party know, if they give our country away to foreign invaders with amnesty, the party is finished.

        Continuing to support them after they set in motion the death of everything recognizable and great in our nation is suicide.

        The party needs to know amnesty will destroy it, as it will the country.

        1. Gary, I do not disagree with you. I think that it is important to save the Republican Party…by replacing those who fail our party with those who will uphold her with founding principles and Constitutional ideals.

          This will, no doubt, take great effort to accomplish. It will take a ground force, money, and people who truly want to restore this Republic, who will work together and elect only those who will uphold and support our Constitution.

          Kelli Ward is such an individual. The intention of KelliPAC is to convince her to run against our seated Senator and if she does, put forth every effor to see that she is elected.

          There is no doubt that this country is a mess; but it took great efforts and unmentionable sacrifices by our Founding Fathers to build her…I think that we owe it to OUR posterity to make equal efforts to restore her. Kelli replacing Sen. McCain is a huge step toward that restoration.

          I hope that we can count on your support Gary.

          1. How will you spin this Doug?
            Will we again be subjected to the mantra of “lesser of two evils”?

            Why would we trust her in Washington when shes already showing a propensity to cave in to the gop establishment , lobbyist and party hierarchy?

            From Arizona freedom alliance:

            “HB2184 has been amended in the Senate Education Committee, which had failed as (SB1038) yesterday in the Senate Appropriations committee. “Kelli Wards’ committee voted for this, with the exception of Sen. Smith who understood not handing over power to the unelected board. The Amendment agreed to by Superintendent of Public Instruction, – who was elected by the people of this state will be required to execute whatever policies (i,e. Common Core) that are agreed to by the non-elected State Board of Education.
            Those Elected Senators gave up all authority with this Amendment, to an unelected board to answer to the voters. Senator Kelli stated along with others agreeing that they’d now oversee any attempt to hire more staff by the board, give raises and monitor expenses of the board & staff which is presently the Responsibility of the Supt., until this Amendment is passed. The problem with this statement is quite clear, AZ is over 8 Billion in the hole facing another deficit, and also has over 20 Billion in Unfunded Mandates= over $ 28 Billion in Debt, this happened while being watched by our Elected Officials, so why would we trust they’ll manage this well? These elected AZ officials are doing the same thing done in DC the last few Decades, handing over power / authority to an appointed agency with no real control, so sometime in the future they’ll tell us that they don’t have the authority to stop them, as is the case with our Ineffective US Congress, when you look at the EPA, OSHA, Depts. of Ed, Ag, Energy etc., believe you get the picture. Since those now in office have decided to hand over Authority / Power to an Un Elected Group, who in this instance so obviously supports Common Core, I personally don’t support this, it’s an Issue of Freedom, and hope others won’t be swayed by being emotionally attached to these Senators, as you’ve worked, supported, donated and voted for them, this is about Freedom and not Personal Relationships.”

  3. Hello Gary, Here is Kelli’s response to the “misunderstood” Proposed legislation. No Spin here Gary.

    “Thanks for writing. I hope this helps. We heard testimony Thursday – the Superintendent testified on the record that she is FOR this bill as did her chief of staff. There is no attempt to prevent the superintendent from doing her job, to divert power to unelected people, or to stop the fight against Common Core. There is a huge hoopla being created over 2 employees out of HUNDREDS. I’m sure those two feel pretty smug with what is being created in the conservative community – disorder, distrust, destruction – all at the hands of ourselves.

    There is no change in the policy making ability of the Board. Their authority exists in current statute.

    The amendment with language requested by the Dept. Of Education and approved by the Superintendent was heard in the Education committee and it passed unanimously. I’ve discussed it with the Superintendent several times and she assures me that the language in the amendment is what she wants – if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t hear it in committee. I look forward to the discussion and testimony and we will see which way the vote goes. The bill would still need to pass both the House and Senate with a 2/3 vote because it is an emergency measure. That’s a high bar.

    Diane and I are dedicated to working together to help our students achieve success. We won’t let anything stop us!

  4. What a refreshing change to AZ RINO politics. Thank you for considering a move.
    Have known the McCain “stump” for a long time. He’s a good military patriot but a lousy guy for any public office. He needs to retire!

    Retired Aviator USNR

    1. First of all, thank you for your service to our country Vince.

      Secondly, I am with you 100 %. We most certainly don’t want to dishonor Sen. McCain’s sacrifice to this great nation but we do feel that it is time for someone to step up and “re-introduce” Arizona to Washington DC. That someone is Kelli Ward.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Vince. Please tell your friends about us.

  5. I am very pleased that we could possibly have another Physician in Congress who understands the damage Obamacare has and will do. She certainly has a great track record in AZ and could certainly help in DC to straighten out those problems which Mc no-nuts has encouraged. Here’s hoping that all will go well for her and the citizens of AZ will realize she is what is needed !.

    1. Me too Daniel! There has been an overwhelming show of support both verbally and financially from outside of our state. This election is just as much about our Republic as it is about Arizona. We need to bind together and unite against those who don’t have our best interests in mind.

      Please tell your friends about us…thanks for visiting Kellipac.us and sharing your thoughts!

  6. McCain has to go, but we need to get the voters involved now not the week before elections. I got involved in 2010 elections and I mean really involved. I have no money but there are others ways to help. But I let it be known I am very hard to work with. Why? Because I want to know am much as possible about my candidate. When I am talking with a voter, I have them looking over and around me looking for my candidate. I want them to feel my candidate is there with me.

    I feel we must take an area and commit to walking it once a month, handling out data on my candidate. Be ready to answer questions. If you do not know the answer take write it down along with the voter’s name and address and find the answer and report back to that voter. This does make a difference. I know, I do it. Like wise my candidate must answer me right away on that voters question.

    If this seems like a lot of work , it is. But do you want change or stay on the same road we are on now?

    1. I’m with you Harry, 100% and more. We have to know our candidates inside and out, upside and downside. They need to be well represented, well supported and well circulated. Their message become ours and visa versa. I wouldn’t consider you difficult to work with more than I would consider it uplifting and gratifying.

      You are also right that it takes great effort along with funding to make a campaign successful. Good candidates with the right attitude, the right message and the fortitude to keep going should be held up and supported by all those who are willing.

      Please take the time to get to know what Kelli is all about. We would appreciate your making the effort to help us spread the word and directing them to Kellipac.us.

      I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom on our site.

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