Our Mission Statement

IMG_2734KelliPAC is a non-connected Political Action Committee established for the intent of supporting  Dr. Kelli Ward with her run for the U.S. Senate seat which is currently occupied by Jeff Flake.  KelliPAC operates as an Independent Expenditure Committee.  

We feel that Sen. Flake never truly represented the views and values of the residents of the Great State of Arizona and believe that Dr. Kelli Ward is the best person to restore the pride, integrity and sovereignty of our state.   

KelliPAC’s mission is to secure enough funding to mount a statewide campaign that will bring awareness of Dr. Ward’s fine values and Constitutional principles to the doorsteps of every home in Arizona.  

KelliPAC  will work tirelessly to see that she has a fair and equal opportunity to return that seat to whom it rightfully belongs…The People.  





 Paid for by KelliPAC.  (www.kellipac.us) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s Committee

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