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4 thoughts on “Join the Team

  1. Our goal should be to elect representatives who follow our Constitution by the original intent; who guard our freedom, safety, border and who love Arizona and America as they are.

    Kelli has a proven track record she does all this as well as scan the horizon for anything that would go against these priorities.

    Now is the time for the people to vote for a true Constitutional conservative. I’m on board and hope you are too.

    1. Amen Nan!!! Thank you for the comment. She’s gonna be a great U.S. Senator for sure…we just have to convince her to run!!!

  2. Kelli has been a tremendous asset to the people of Arizona both in the medical community and as a lawmaker. She will be an asset to all 50 states as a US Senator. I couldn’t think of a better replacement for John McCain. It’s so important to put principles before party; I believe she would be steadfast in her loyalty to the Constitution on tough Senate votes. #RunKelliRun

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself Jared. We need good people like you to stand with us in making sure that Kelli gets there. Please pass the word about KelliPAC around to all your friends and family and don’t be shy to click the donation page and help support the cause…every dollar counts and is more appreciated than you know.

      Thanks for your positive comments Jared and for taking the time to view

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