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Welcome to KelliPAC.us! 

We truly appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to find out who we are and what we are all about.   We are a registered Political Action Committee with the Federal Election Commission and are committed to supporting Dr. Kelli Ward’s  run for the U.S. Senate seat that is currently held by Sen. Jeff Flake.  KelliPAC will make every effort to ensure that her message is heard by every single resident of Arizona.  We intend to use the funds collected to advance Dr. Ward’s conservative message across the United States.

We are in the process of building a ground force that will ultimately reach every corner of this great state and would be honored if you would consider joining us in our efforts either by donating your time or contributing financially to KelliPAC.  Our goal is to provide the fine people of Arizona with an opportunity to get to know Kelli, see the values that she holds, the Constitutional principles that she stands for and hear  her ideas on how she would set our country back on its feet. 

Kelli is a different kind of legislator and when you have the opportunity to meet her you will immediately see why.  First of all she’s no politician; she’s a Statesman.  She is truly passionate about restoring this republic with the ideals that it was founded upon rather than continuing to burn it to the ground with the ones that we separated ourselves from almost 240 years ago. 

Kelli is a free-market, low tax, limited government legislator who is committed to introducing Constitutional solutions to today’s problems and repealing those that aren’t.  She believes that if a legislation  cannot be supported with an article and a section of the U.S. Constitution then it has no business being brought to the floor of either House…Period.

Kelli knows where the Federal Government should end and the private sector should begin.  The many bills  that she introduced as a two term AZ State Senator prove that she is a champion of small business and a voice for the rights of the individual.  She has shown that she has a better vision for educating our youth than the substandard, one size fits all  Federal standards that are being mandated to the states across this great nation; standards that will cost us billions of dollars and hasten America’s decline in international standings.

Our goal  is to give Arizona a Senator who will TRULY represent the desires of the people  who want to  build a secure boarder fence rather than just talk about it.  A Senator who will not vote for  “rewarding” those who have broken our clear and Constitutional immigration laws but would rather find dignified and honorable methods  at dealing with the problem. 

It’s time that Arizona sends a Senator to Washington DC who truly understands the mission of a U.S. Senator which is to represent our state legislature at the Federal level; rather than act as an ambassador of the Federal Government to our state.

Its time for someone to help us restore the sovereignty and pride of  this fine state and that someone is Dr. Kelli Ward.  Won’t you please donate and/or sign up below and join us in this fight  to restore our freedoms? 


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